Advice for Trump

Donald Trump should use every question to outline his proposals to Make America Great Again, such as reducing the tax rates on businesses and individuals to energize the economy, renegotiating trade deals that have caused American manufacturing companies to move overseas (with Ford moving to Mexico as an example), and reducing federal regulations on businesses.  He should then tie these proposals that strengthen our economy to his proposals to strengthen national security such as building a wall or fence on the southern border and enforcing our immigration laws, including tracking those with expired visas, deporting illegals with criminal records, and canceling the appeasement nuclear deal with Iran.  He should announce that if Iran harasses any of our ships, then we will defend ourselves by blowing their ships out of the water. 

With each answer, he can contrast his proposals with the weak and ineffectual record of Hillary as secretary of state, such as her failure to provide the requested additional security at Benghazi; her lying to the country and families of the victims about the cause of the attack; the bombing of Libya, which left Libya in anarchy as a home for ISIS; the withdrawal from Iraq without a Status of Forces agreement that led to ISIS; the failure to establish safe zones in Syria, which has led to the refugee crisis; taking in refugees without properly vetting them; and the appeasement of Iran on the nuclear deal with the payment of $150 billion and another $400 million in ransom that Iran will use to fund terrorism.  Remind that Iran is a designated terrorist country, yet we are giving it money.  Remind that Hillary was secretary of state, in charge of foreign affairs, during the Middle East fiascos.

Hillary has no accomplishments.  She will say she is for the children and women, but what has she done?

She will attack Trump personally, as she has done in her ads.  Trump should respond by saying Hillary has no accomplishments as senator and secretary of state, so she has to make personal attacks. 

When Hillary says Trump does not have the temperament to be president, remind the audience that Hillary used a private email system instead of the required government system and that FBI director Comey found she was extremely negligent with our classified documents.  Point out that Hillary lied to when she said she turned over all work emails, and we do not know what is in the 33,000 emails she destroyed.  Emphasize that anyone else would have been indicted.

When Hillary raises releasing income tax returns, Trump should reply that he has released his financial statements, but Hillary must explain why she received $25 million from the Saudis, and how did she amass $200 to 300 million since 2000 on the salary of a senator and secretary of state?

Underline that she has no plans to revive the economy and strengthen national security.  Her entire campaign has been negative personal attacks because she has nothing to offer.  She is the past, we need change.