VA Whistle-for-It Day

On July, 30, 2016 the VA Office of Inspector General announced, "Today is National Whistleblower Appreciation Day.  We as a nation must recognize the important role whistleblowers play in exposing serious problems and deficiencies in government programs and operations." What does the VA mean by serious problems?  Millions spent on "art" while our homeless veterans dine "chez garbage"?  Are rampant corruption, lies, and despicable treatment of "VA VIP customers" serious and blatant enough? The wrongdoing is shamelessly self-explanatory, and so is Obama´s endorsement of the VA secretary´s pseudo-transformation of the decaying department.  While performing at a Disabled Veterans Convention in Atlanta (August 1, 2016), Obama gushed: "Thank you, Bob, for the great work you are doing." As for VA secretary Robert McDonald, he seems perfectly content with the pat on the back and grandiose...(Read Full Post)