The buck stops where?

Breibart reports, “WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: Clinton Lied Under Oath About Her Knowledge of Libyan Arms Exports.”

And the Gateway Pundit offers, “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew that the US was sending arms from Libya to Syria back in 2011, a year before the Benghazi consulate attacks.”

All bad news for Hillary.  But what of President Obama?  Valerie Jarrett?

This could very well be the Fast and Furious gun-running on steroids.  And just as the bad guys ended up with the guns in Mexico and killed one of our border agents, the guns to Libya (and the RPGs, etc.) might have been used against our consulate.

If this indeed blossoms into Assange’s promised scandal, the culpability thread should not end with the secretary of state.  At some point, President Obama and his top advisers must be held accountable.

Obama and Lynch were delighted to have the email controversy ended for a time.  Obama’s communication with his secretary of state might well have been a trail of sorts.  But neither he nor Hillary figured on the unforeseen.

All the suggested Libyan antics, if proven, must have been approved by the president.  Curious behavior for the Nobel Peace Prize recipient.

It is a shame that the citizens of our country must rely on outside sources for the truth.  And Julian Assange might just end up having a nice salaried position on the Clinton Foundation board, no attendance necessary.  Guessing no.