Trump announces bold plan to fight terrorism.

Yesterday, August 15, Trump gave a speech in Youngstown, Ohio that clearly set forth how to deal with radical Muslim terrorism. Trump gave a broad outline that we must work with other countries who wish to destroy terrorism.  This includes Russia, which has problems with Muslim terrorists on its southern border.  It also includes China, which has problems with Muslim terrorists on its western border.  Just about every country that borders a Muslim country has problems with Muslim terrorism. This is what FDR did in WWII to ally with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.  He also stressed that we work with Muslim countries like Jordan and Egypt that are trying to fight terrorism in their countries.  He also called on moderate Muslims to defeat the radical Muslim terrorists. Trump said we have to vet all immigrants, especially those from countries with a history of radical Muslim terrorism, and suspend immigration from some of...(Read Full Post)