Sanders turned out to be a big fake

Senator Sanders's socialist nonsense was always followed with the footnote that Sanders was genuine and a true believer – i.e., the crazy leftist uncle in the attic who actually believes that Marxism works if you give it a true chance.    

We've learned a couple of things about Mr. Sanders since he endorsed Mrs. Clinton:   

1) He threw his supporters under the bus by supporting a candidate who represents everything he spoke about, from crony capitalism to connections to Wall Street.

2) Mr. Sanders likes expensive homes just as the rich folks do.  Mr. Sanders just bought his third home, and we don't think he will be turning any of them into shelters for the homeless or accommodations for refugees from the Middle East.  My guess is that he will also take advantage of all of those tax breaks he ran against during the campaign.

According to NPR, Sanders is turning off a lot of his supporters:

Bernie Sanders may have found a new place to take a break from the political arena after buying a vacation home last week. But some of his former supporters were questioning his socialist authenticity.

Sanders recently purchased a lake-front home in North Hero, Vt., his home state. The $575,000, four-bedroom home includes 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront on the east side of the island, according to the Vermont newspaper Seven Days.

The purchase makes this Sanders' third home, and after the news broke of his recent purchase, the Internet became a breeding ground for complaints.

Socialist authenticity?

In fact, this is how a lot of socialists live, from Cuba to North Korea to the American left, who love public education but send their kids to rich private schools like the Obamas, the Clintons, the Kerrys, the Gores, and so on.   

I am not surprised that Mr. Sanders would bash rich people in front of fickle students and then buy a huge home to relax.  He is actually a lot more typical of rich socialists than his supporters realize.  It's a shame that his supporters had to learn that the whole message was a fraud this way.

As my late father once said after watching a Sanders rally: "At 18 you believe this trash.  Then you grow up..."

That's right.  Bernie's home is a teachable moment for the thousands who bought into his distributionist nonsense!

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