Answering Erick Erickson's ‘A Vote For Trump Is a Vote for Hillary Clinton’

Ye gods, Mr. Erickson:

How many ways are you wrong?  Let me bullet the ways:

  • A lot can happen in 84 days.  You give Donald too little credit for reform, resurgence, and/or holding his own while HRC self-destructs under the weight of her endless machinations, slipshod past misbehaviors, identifiable felonies in re: her corrupt foundation, and associated slush-fund wallows.
  • The polls are not concrete, immutable constructs; they change, as even you must know, daily.  And as you must also realize, many polls oversample Democrats, as they answer their home phones, since so many more are out of work, and pollsters undeniably oversample Democrats.
  • An email dump per week can trounce your bitter presaging of a Clinton triumph.
  • A series of performances such as Trump demonstrated on Monday, where he stuck to the script, sounded seasoned and reasoned, would put him back on top, especially given Clinton's hysterical recourse to ever more regulations that have proved to be an asphyxiation of U.S. business growth, tied to her modestly insane insistence on yet higher taxes for those who need not stay here to pay these unreasonable calls on their success.  His projected schedule for containing and repelling and destroying jihadism from the likes of ISIS was a good start, and beat all heck out of anything Clinton – or Obama, for that deplorable matter has come up with.
  • Many millions see beyond the daily Trump to the Trump who would encourage businesses to return, make the GDP climate business-friendly, and of course choose judicial appointments with an eye to non-leftisty inanities and insanities and prog notions of whimsy laced with hardcore juridical arsenic than would the harridan-candidate with the uncontrollable perverse ex-chief executive spouse.
  • Nothing you have written supports your headline or justifies abandoning support for the current Republican nominee.
  • Giving up now, as you advise, to save the down-ballot candidates is premature.  Let Hillary fight for herself.  Don't ask conservatives and principled adherents to yield the floor to the most flawed Democrat candidate perhaps in the history of this nation.
  • If Trump pulls up his numbers, the down-ballot will right itself, too, of course.  The GOP electorate will fight hard to maintain its dominance in the House and Senate, as repeated midterm elections have shown.

Please do lay off your strident anti-Trumpism.  You are hurting the body politic and not making much long-term sense.  You can privately jump over that cliff; do not, sir, take millions of us with you.

editor's note: We apologize to all the Eric Ericksons, including the actor/writer for the uncorrected headline run initially.