The NAACP is about teachers' unions, not black children

The NAACP made a big decision this week.  The teachers union won, but black inner-city children lost.     This is the story: In separate conventions over recent weeks, the NAACP, the nation’s oldest black civil rights organization, and the Movement for Black Lives, a network of Black Lives Matter organizers, passed resolutions criticizing charter schools and calling for a moratorium on their growth. Charters were faulted by the groups for supposedly draining money from traditional public schools and allegedly fueling segregation. The NAACP measure, which still must be ratified by the board before becoming official, went so far as to liken the expansion of charters to “predatory lending practices” that put low-income communities at risk. This is insane, and it confirms my thinking that the NAACP is out of touch with the reality that many African-Americans live, as the Wall Street Journal reported: Some 28% of charter-school...(Read Full Post)