The Catholic vote on abortion and Trump

On August 28, the Washington Post, via Aaron Blake, reported that “Trump has a problem with the Catholic Vote.”  

This raises the question: what is the Catholic vote?  Romney got two percent more than Obama did of the Catholic vote.

As a Catholic, I do not understand how any true Catholic can vote for Obama and Hillary.  While there are numerous issues, such as Hillary’s corruption, emails, Benghazi, and others that have been discussed at length here, if we analyze the election solely on abortion, then the issue of abortion should prevent any true Catholic from voting for Hillary.  I would add that it should also prevent any Christian or Jew, because abortion is killing of an unborn child.

It is basic Catholic teaching that abortion is evil.  So if abortion, the killing of an unborn child, is evil, then there is no rational way for a Catholic voter true to his faith to vote for Hillary, because she supports abortion.  We are killing an unborn child.  This is not just a religious belief.  It is a fact based on science and logic.  There is no question that regardless of the term you use, it is an unborn child who is being killed.

Hillary supports abortion and will support legislation to make abortion paid for by the taxpayers and will appoint Supreme Court justices who will uphold abortion as a constitutional right.  Abortion “rights” is a central belief of the Democratic Party platform.  Every Democrat politician must bow, and Catholic pols must genuflect to the Democrat sacrament of abortion.  There is no diversity of opinion in the Democratic Party on abortion.  The last Democrat to support life and oppose abortion was Governor Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, a Catholic, who was prevented by the Clintons from speaking at the 1992 Democratic Convention because of his pro-life beliefs.

While Catholics, like any other religious group, may honestly differ on political issues such as tax rates, immigration, Obamacare, and fighting terrorism, there can be no honest difference on abortion.

If you support Hillary, then you support the killing of an unborn child, because Hillary supports abortion.  Catholic, and other Christian, Democrat politicians follow the Mario Cuomo excuse by saying they personally oppose abortion but will not impose their religious beliefs upon others.  But voting for Hillary is voting for the candidate who supports abortion, thus you are supporting the existence and expansion of abortion.  Voting is not the same as an elected politician passing a law to prohibit abortion.  Moreover, since many states do prohibit the killing of an unborn child, except by abortion, politicians have imposed their belief that the killing of an unborn child is a crime.  Thus, the Mario Cuomo excuse is only an excuse to allow abortion and provide cover for politicians.

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