Hillary’s schedule is a ‘tell’

Hillary is actually scheduled to appear once every 7-10 days, which is still pathetic.  But not quite as bad as this report.

Aside from these few public events, she is doing a lot of fundraising, which doesn't require much stamina; she pops in for a few minutes and addresses a crowd or, at the more prestigious events (Rothschilds, Saban, Streisand, etc.), sits and eats a dinner.

She is not really “campaigning (earning votes)” – she is fundraising.  Last week was Hollywood fundraising.  This week is the Hamptons.  Her concentration on fundraising is probably not only due to her poor health, but because they see the next wave of Wikileaks coming to drown them, and she’s filling her coffers while she still can.  Also, she has a hard time filling a small room, and even then, half the chairs are paid union workers.

You can see fundraisers at this link.  If the invite has $100,000 per couple, or $10,000 per photo – Hillary will be there.