Hillary's cynical manipulation of Captain Khan's sacrifice

Empathy for Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of  U.S. Army captain Humayan Khan, awarded a Bronze Star posthumously in 2004 for bravery in Iraq, should not obscure the brazen cynicism displayed by Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats, for trotting out a grieving couple to regurgitate more recycled propaganda. Hillary Clinton doesn't give two hoots about Cpt. Khan's combat death, nor his sacrifice.  The phony momentary tribute – followed by militant apathy – is how democrats routinely salute soldiers, Marines, and airmen killed in action. Their hollow homage was expediently offered to Cpt. Khan, if only because of its political utility, while the Benghazi fallen were PhotoShopped out of the picture four and a half years ago.  The Benghazi deaths needed to be instantly forgotten, along with Hillary's complicity, while Cpt. Khan needs lingering reverence for the opportunism in showcasing his Muslim parents (who we now know are not what they...(Read Full Post)