Did Russian program Hillary helped to establish hack into DNC emails?

Hillary Clinton may have helped Russia build the cyber-warfare capability to penetrate those servers, if accusations that Russia is behind the DNC hack are true.

Peter Schweizer’s report, “From Russia with Money: Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism,” follows Hillary’s effort to funnel money and technology into a Russian-style “Silicon Valley” at Skolkovo outside Moscow.  In return, large sums of money flowed into the Clinton Foundation and into Bill’s speaking fees from key players in the scheme.  This was part of Hillary’s grand Russian Reset following her appointment as secretary of state to build bridges to Moscow.

Schweizer provides a link to a story in the Radio Free Europe website titled “Russia's Silicon Valley Dreams May Threaten Cybersecurity,” published in November 2010, at the time the program was moving forward.  The story details the potential dangers of this effort:

But others believe the Kremlin's motives for attracting cooperation from hundreds of foreign technology companies aren't entirely benign. Among those who would benefit from the "huge honey pot" for the Russian technology industry, says Seattle-based cybersecurity expert Jeffrey Carr, would be the security services who monitor every byte of Internet traffic. "If you're wiring a facility," he says, "the best time to do it is while it's being built." Skolkovo, he says, would provide an information-gathering "coup."

Schweizer’s report also points out that:

... indeed, Skolkovo happens to be the site of the Russian Security Service (FSB)’s security centers 16 and 18, which are in charge of information warfare for the Russian government.

So it is plausible that Hillary had a role in helping Russia develop the technology used to hack into the DNC and her own campaign servers.  This reminds me of a quotation from Karl Marx: “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.”

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