Hillary's cynical manipulation of Captain Khan's sacrifice

Empathy for Khizr and Ghazala Khan, parents of  U.S. Army captain Humayan Khan, awarded a Bronze Star posthumously in 2004 for bravery in Iraq, should not obscure the brazen cynicism displayed by Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats, for trotting out a grieving couple to regurgitate more recycled propaganda.

Hillary Clinton doesn't give two hoots about Cpt. Khan's combat death, nor his sacrifice.  The phony momentary tribute – followed by militant apathy – is how democrats routinely salute soldiers, Marines, and airmen killed in action.

Their hollow homage was expediently offered to Cpt. Khan, if only because of its political utility, while the Benghazi fallen were PhotoShopped out of the picture four and a half years ago.  The Benghazi deaths needed to be instantly forgotten, along with Hillary's complicity, while Cpt. Khan needs lingering reverence for the opportunism in showcasing his Muslim parents (who we now know are not what they appear to be).

And how wretchedly disingenuous to use heartache – swelled to the breaking point –  as a theatrical inoculant, to fend off any criticism of Khizr Khan's partisan political invective from the podium.  Whether the elder Khan was recruited, volunteered, or was duped, he delivered a gullibly gobbled up sleight-of-hand.

Khan dramatically revealed what he asserted was a pocket-sized U.S. Constitution.  He then claimed Donald Trump has never read it – implying that Trump has never read that part of the Constitution prohibiting religious, ethnic, or country of origin tests to deny immigrants, and non-citizen transients entry to the United States.

Well, maybe Khan's pocket-sized folio was a blank notebook.  The U.S. Constitution says nothing about who may be admitted, or denied entry to the United States.

Of course Donald Trump hasn't read that part of the Constitution – nor has anyone else, as it doesn't exist.

Presumably, U.S. citizens cannot be denied re-entry, but we know that even citizens with inter-transit criminal records, possessing contraband, conducting espionage on behalf of foreign governments, or carrying communicable infectious diseases may be denied.  Anyone not a citizen can be blocked from entry for any reason whatsoever.

Khan was used as a tool by the Democrats, but neither is he an innocent foil.  Otherwise, how to reconcile this presumably faithful and devout Muslim's exhortation "look for the words liberty, and equal justice under the law," despite the well known brutal hostility of Islamic states toward gays and lesbians, for whom Democrats claim an exclusive affinity?  Not a single mosque in the U.S. would accept homosexuality, and worldwide surveys of Muslims show an overwhelming support of the death penalty for gays and lesbians.  Yet Khan was the Democrats' convention showcase.

Trump was wrong to have chided the Gold Star mother, Ghazala Khan, for her silence while joining her husband at the podium.  Instead, Trump should have pummeled Mr. Khan for his silence about assaults on German women by Muslim immigrants last New Year's Eve in Cologne, Hamburg, and Bremen – all justified by a Cologne Muslim cleric who, according to the Daily Mail, justified the attacks because the women wore perfume and dressed provocatively.

Khan added to the calculated dishonesty of his appearance when interviewed later on CNN, mouthing again the absurdity that Islamic terrorism has "nothing to do with Islam."

Well, at least Hillary and the Democrats didn't coax the Khans into blaming their son's death on George W. Bush, in office when Cpt. Khan was killed in action.  Imagine a smidgeon of honor remaining amid their otherwise disgraceful histrionics.

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