Hillary resting up: No campaign events until Sunday

Her doctors tell us there are no serious health concerns, but a rising tide of doubt and concern about Hillary Clinton’s health is threatening her campaign.  One might think she would be doing something to counter these concerns, but instead, very quietly, she is taking the next three days off to rest up.

Kyle Olsen reports in the American Mirror:

… according to the schedule tracking website HillarySpeeches.com, she doesn’t have another event announced until Sunday, when she’ll make a Massachusetts fundraising appearance with Cher.

She apparently is prone to exhaustion, which may be why she has no events planned.

Despite an impressive (and expensive) wardrobe of A-shaped clothing that obscure her belly, buttocks, thighs, and legs in beautifully draped fabric, it is obvious that Hillary has put a lot of weight on.  The National Enquirer pegs her weight gain at 103 pounds. 

Is she depressed?  Has her hypothyroidism deteriorated?  Dr. Drew Pinsky, who evaluated her public medical records, and:

Pinsky pointed out that the treatment for Hillary’s hypothyroidism – Armour Thyroid – was also “unconventional” and that it has “weird side-effects”.

According to RXList.com, those side-effects include “severe dizziness,” while WebMD lists another side-effect as “tiredness”.

Dr. Drew emphasized that the health care Hillary has been receiving is totally inadequate, commenting, “she’s receiving 1950s-level care by our evaluation.”

“You gotta wonder,” concluded Pinsky, noting that Hillary’s health care could make her physical capabilities a “concern” ahead of the presidential election.

The interesting thing about health concerns is that they can cause someone to vote against her without ill will toward her.  Vaguely positive people about her can still decide that the office would overwhelm her.  Donald Trump is obviously pushing this point.

The other factor is that Tim Kaine is rather low-key so far in the campaign.  Nobody seems much interested in making him president.

Hillary might be well advised to adopt a “front porch campaign” strategy.  Of course, the previous practitioners have all been Republicans: James Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, and William McKinley.  Two of the three had beards.