About that flooding in Louisiana...

Oh, no, wait!  This natural disaster is not happening during a President Bush administration and therefore not an incompetence of leadership.

While Bush was described as heartless for having Air Force One fly by New Orleans on the way back to Washington, it appears that pictures of Barack Obama wearing Bermuda shorts and a polo shirt and carrying a nine-iron while he yuks it up on the back nine does not rile the press – or, seemingly, Barack Obama's constituents.

Kanye West famously stated that "George Bush doesn't care about black people."  Where's Kanye today?  Kanye?  Anything?

Louisiana has seen devastating flooding, with at least 13 people killed and tens of thousands of people (including black people) displaced.  The West has seen ravaging wildfires burn thousands of acres, take a handful of lives, and force 82,000 people from their homes under mandatory evacuations.  Milwaukee is aflame with racial hatred, following the shooting of a black criminal with a stolen gun by a black officer.

The media, ho-hum.

We need to take this fight to the left and to the media (but I repeat myself).

Donald Trump gave a great speech earlier in the week.  He exposed the heartlessness of the Democratic Party and correlated the black plight with the generational control that Democrats have had in most of America's inner cities.  Milwaukee, Ferguson, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Flint, Detroit, Chicago, etc., etc., etc. – all Democrat-run.

Donald Trump could score big-time if he flew down to Louisiana, rolled up his sleeves, and got to work.  Handing out water, manning a food line, using any and all personal resources at his disposal to help "the people" of Louisiana.

Donald could host a fundraising event, with 100% of money collected being immediately dispersed to those in need.  He could use some of the money to hire veterans to assist with the relief efforts.  He could reach out to Franklin Graham and other faith leaders already down there and help to maximize their activities.  He could reach out to the governor and the mayors of the affected cities and offer his resources to help grease the wheels of local government.

Trump could call George Bush and elicit his help in serving the people of Louisiana.  What an image that would be.     

And if Trump wants to lock up the general election and expose the duplicity of the left, he can have Chris Christie come down and give him a bear-hug as he exits his helicopter.