Hillary is bewildered. Again.

I found it hilarious when I read in an AP article that Hillary is “bewildered” about Trump’s foreign policy and suggestions to improve national security.  Here is an article that shows her bewilderment.

Hillary Clinton has vowed to conduct a national security and foreign policy that Americans could be proud of, adding that Donald Trump "just absolutely bewilders" her when he talks about his policies around the globe.

The Democratic presidential candidate embraced the US Olympic team's success at a voter registration rally in Philadelphia, describing it as an example of an optimistic nation that runs counter to what she considers Mr Trump's pessimism and negativity.

"It just absolutely bewilders me when I hear Donald Trump try to talk about national security," Mrs Clinton said, pointing to US vice president Joe Biden's dissection of Mr Trump's foreign policy at a Pennsylvania event on Monday.

Hillary seems bewildered by many things:

She didn’t understand that a secretary of state is required by law to use a government email system instead of a personal non-secure server.  She had so little understanding of national security laws that FBI director Comey couldn’t tell if she intended to break the law.

Hillary seemed to have no idea that Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation shouldn’t take donations from businesses, individuals, and foreign countries doing business with the State Department.

She doesn’t understand the difference between personal emails and business emails.

She doesn’t understand that as secretary of state, you would obviously receive and send some classified emails in four years.

She didn’t understand that government officials are required to obey FOIA laws and cooperate with inspectors general.

She is so stymied by simple questions that she may “short circuit” instead of telling the truth.

She had no idea that Libya wasn’t safe and was requesting additional security measures and therefore wasn’t responsible for not protecting our people.

She doesn’t understand the difference between a planned terrorist attack and a spontaneous demonstration.  She doesn’t understand why it makes a difference why or how Americans died.

She is bewildered about how to tell the truth to family members of those who died.

She had no idea that Egypt wasn’t stable and that Assad wasn’t a reformer.

The red reset button with Russia was especially confusing.

She doesn’t know that a president should tell the truth when attempting to secure a deal with the greatest terrorist-sponsoring country to give it $100s of billions.

She doesn’t understand that if you are required to give cash before the release of hostages, it is ransom and a violation of law.

She truly has a hard time understanding that a president is supposed to obey all laws, not just ones he likes.

She is bewildered that the Constitution allows free speech and freedom of association and prevents Congress from making laws that infringe on political speech.

I hope Hillary is never asked to debate with someone who will explain to her that the climate changed billions of years before humans and before fossil fuels.

She doesn’t have any idea that businesses and corporations create jobs.

She is especially confused by the TPP trade agreement.  She used to be 100% for it; now she is 100% against it.  Somehow her writings supporting the agreement aren’t available.  They probably are in the same place those Rose Law Firm billing records were.

She said she didn’t know that businesses would cut hours when Obamacare punishes them for allowing workers to work over 30 hours per week.

Hillary is bewildered on so many things concerning the economy, domestic policy, and foreign policy that every headline about Hillary should just be:

“Hillary is bewildered. Again.”