Conway and Bannon: Trump made the right moves

Donald Trump has appointed Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway to run his campaign. Conway, as manager of the campaign, should help Trump appeal to women and also conservatives.  She worked for Ted Cruz. Bannon has an interesting background.  He  served in the Navy as an officer, has a Harvard MBA, worked at Goldman Sachs, and ran Breitbart News since 2012.  The  media  refers to him as a "street fighter" and "very conservative" and seems upset that Trump has hired him. The media prefers that Trump run a "gentlemanly" campaign as did Romney, McCain, and Dole, all of whom lost.  It is okay for Democrats to lie that Romney did not pay his taxes, that Romney was mean to his dog, and that Romney was responsible for the death of an employee.  And it is okay for Candy Crowley to run interference for Obama during the debates.  The Republicans are supposed to  shrug it off and not respond, which the...(Read Full Post)