Media sells Hillary like tobacco companies selling cancer

Recently, our representative in Congress was the guest speaker at the Flower Mound Area Republican Club in North Texas.  Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas, 26th District) took an impassioned stand in support of Donald Trump.  Making it clear that Republicans have a binary choice, Dr. Burgess (M.D., ob/gyn) spoke of the stark differences between Hillary Clinton and the GOP standard bearer.

Yes, Burgess was originally was in support of Senator Ted Cruz, representing the Lone Star State, but once the nominee was chosen by the voters, his allegiance became clear.  Outlining a dismal future with a Clinton presidency, Dr. Burgess talked about the need for someone who speaks candidly about the crucial issues facing our country.

Knowing how controversial the Trump candidacy is, Dr. Burgess could have spent his time at the podium speaking about recent legislation he's proposed or other issues he's addressed in the past.  He could have decided not to step onto the minefield of current presidential politics.  I admire him for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that he has the courage and integrity to take the lead when other, more timorous, officials would rather play it safe, lest they ruffle some feathers and risk some votes.

There's nothing so refreshing as hearing an elected official speak directly from the heart, without scripted notes or teleprompter assistance.  I think it's important to remember that the public has gotten tired of hearing the politically correct stump speeches by those who have perfected the art of eloquent mendacity.

Rep. Burgess talked about a Trump rally he attended in Dallas a few months ago.  He spoke of the enthusiasm at the huge gathering and the feeling one gets that a ground-shaking movement is underway in our country.  Trump was late for his appearance, so, as a local elected official, Burgess was asked to mount the stage and talk to the massive crowd for a few minutes.  It must have been an experience like no other as he received thunderous applause and cheers every time he mentioned the name of the man whose candidacy has energized the country like no one since Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 to undo the damage of Jimmy Carter's failed presidency.

Burgess enumerated the manifold disparities between Clinton and Trump, such as higher taxes and bigger government from the former and the very opposite from the latter.  He talked about the Clinton pattern of lies and deception regarding the 30,000 missing emails; the FBI investigation that pointed to her recklessness with national security; the Benghazi tragedy, which she completely mishandled; and the money trail to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments while she was secretary of state.  The congressman wants those Republicans who may not think Trump is their best choice to recognize that he offers a much better future for our country than a Barack Obama clone who will continue to appeal to the extreme left-wing base of the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton will give us more of the same disastrous policies that have produced rioting in our cities from coast to coast – terrorist bombings that inhibit our feelings of security and an economy being thrashed in a storm like the Wreck of the Hesperus.  The only thing Clinton has going for her is a liberal media that has abandoned the principles of journalism in favor of an establishment candidate who has more baggage than Samsonite.  As Trump often points out, Hillary is in bed with the lobbyists and mega-buck donors who are used to having elected officials in their pockets, like so much loose change.  He represents the voice of the people, which has been systematically robbed by a crooked cartel that runs the country for their own personal gain.

This election will determine if the voters have been propagandized out of their ability to discern fiction from reality.  If the mainstream media is able to pettifog with devious distractions and deceptive cover-ups for their chosen one, it will likely mean that we will never again have the chance to resurrect this country's greatness.  Make no mistake about it: they want Hillary in the White House to prove they still control the thought process of the electorate.  A Trump victory will mean that the media will be gobsmacked by a newly educated public who no longer allow it to foist corrupt candidates on them like tobacco companies selling cancer for a profit.

Dr. Burgess provided ample reasons for those who may still be on the fence to pull the lever for Donald Trump on November 8.  I couldn't be more proud of having him represent me in Congress.