Media sells Hillary like tobacco companies selling cancer

Recently, our representative in Congress was the guest speaker at the Flower Mound Area Republican Club in North Texas.  Congressman Michael Burgess (R-Texas, 26th District) took an impassioned stand in support of Donald Trump.  Making it clear that Republicans have a binary choice, Dr. Burgess (M.D., ob/gyn) spoke of the stark differences between Hillary Clinton and the GOP standard bearer. Yes, Burgess was originally was in support of Senator Ted Cruz, representing the Lone Star State, but once the nominee was chosen by the voters, his allegiance became clear.  Outlining a dismal future with a Clinton presidency, Dr. Burgess talked about the need for someone who speaks candidly about the crucial issues facing our country. Knowing how controversial the Trump candidacy is, Dr. Burgess could have spent his time at the podium speaking about recent legislation he's proposed or other issues he's addressed in the past.  He could have decided not to step...(Read Full Post)