A choice between two inveterate liars?

A recent Commentary article titled “A Choice Between Two Inveterate Liars” maintained, as the title indicates, that both Trump and Clinton (Hillary) are inveterate liars.  The article proceeds to give examples to show there is an equivalency of deliberate deceitfulness.  But the examples fail to demonstrate equivalency by failing to distinguish between deliberate deception for some perceived gain and the simple bungling and mishandling of facts.  It is in the first case that the Sir Walter Scott quote applies and not the latter: “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” The difficulty with establishing a lie from a falsehood is the imputation of intent.  A liar, to be a liar, must be deliberately telling falsehoods.  Getting things wrong or all fouled up is not sufficient.  Joe Biden – so we tend to believe but can never know – is not a liar.  He comes across as a charming...(Read Full Post)