Only federal lives matter

Now Baton Rouge, and the fabric of civil society is torn more and more to tatters at an increasingly rapid pace. Ask yourself this: if those police officers and sheriff’s deputies who are being shot and killed were federal officers, and not merely local LEOs, and the killers were anything other than black, what would be happening?  What would have already happened?  It’s simple to answer.  Were the victims federal officers, agents of departments like BAFT, the FBI, BLM, and so forth, and the killers other than black, Leviathan would be roused up in all its fury and would have directed its every minion and power at the threat, to destroy it root and branch! Black Lives Matter would have been identified as an anti-government terrorism supporting outfit, but for that the dead and dying are local LEOs, not feds, and the organization has the word “Black” in its title.  Reports would have been issued by Homeland already, describing the...(Read Full Post)