Former French president calls for expulsion of radicalized Muslims and electronic tagging of those ‘at risk’

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy has ripped into the government of France for failing to stop terror attacks and suggested measures for dealing with the jihad threat that should be eye-opening for Americans.  Via the BBC:

Speaking to French television, Mr Sarkozy said "Democracy must not be weak, nor simply commemorate. Democracy must say 'We will win the war'."

He said he supported stronger measures like expulsion of radicalised Muslims, and electronic tagging for those at risk of radicalisation.

France's government has said it is at war with violent jihadists.

France is already far ahead of the United States in acknowledging the nature of the threat it faces.  And France, unencumbered by the First Amendment of the American Constitution, has already forbidden the public wearing of religious head cover for Muslim women.

The revelation that the Nice jihad killer was a bisexual drinker makes the identification of “at risk” pretty difficult.  Maybe that means putting ankle bracelets on every Muslim?  Hmmm.

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