Here's why Europe is plagued by Islamic terror

  In "an astonishingly savage tirade" – to quote from the U.K.'s Express – Hungary's Prime Minister Victor Orban recently tore into the European Union "over [Muslim] migration and taunted Angela Merkel for failing to protect German people from Islamist terror."  (Click here to learn why central and eastern European nations, Hungary chief among them, are wary of Islam.) In the course of his speech, Orban made two important points that I habitually make, and that explain the true reasons behind the unprecedented rise of terrorism in EU nations: 1) Islam's Rule of Numbers and 2) Western enablement of Islam. In regards to the first point, Orban: ... issued a stunning rebuke to Mrs Merkel on migration, blaming recent terror attacks on the mas[s] influx of refugees…  Migration, he argued, "increases terrorism and crime" and "destroys national culture" in a thinly-veiled swipe at Mrs...(Read Full Post)