Something very weird about Hillary’s face at the convention (updated and bumped))

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Ann Althouse writes a perceptive commentary (hat tip: Instapundit) on an aspect of Hillary Clinton that bothers me a lot, too:

"that wide-open-mouth/insane-elation thing with her face"

Specifically, she analyzes a still photo of President Obama onstage with her at the Wednesday night session of the DNC:

She explains the really weird facial expression this way:

… my theory was that she's stuck making the best of doing appearances where she needs to look like the person who is intensely loved but she does not believe she is loved.

The specific reference here is standing next to Obama, who is well liked at a personal level by a majority of Americans.  But remember that ever since she graduated from law school, she has been standing next to her husband, who is even more than Obama a charming fellow  so charismatic that he was able to charm even Newt Gingrich right after the GOP won control of Congress in 1994.  From Hillary’s perspective, her adult life has been one long lesson in being the unlikable one in a very prominent couple.

There has to be a lot of resentment.  The stories of screaming matches, thrown lamps, and the rest are credible to me because Hillary has endured a level of private humiliation at her husband’s hands, in ways overt as in all the extracurricular sex, but also in ways completely unintended, the product of her negative charisma.

The result of all this is a burning desire to surpass Bill, to occupy the Oval Office, and get revenge for his casual ease at being liked.

And the facial expression?  I think it is a window into the intensity of Hillary’s desire, buried deep within her soul, and rarely allowed out.

Professor Althouse chose to compare Hillary’s picture to The Scream, the famous painting by Munch.

I think that comparison makes my point.

Update from Odysseus:

Update. Thanks to Big Fur Hat of iOTWReport for some reserach on what that hole could be:

 I took a look at some biopsy pictures on the internet.

I found this —->

It looks exactly like the anomaly on Hillary’s tongue.

The photos reveal the aftermath of a biopsy on a tongue. Post biopsy day 1:

One day after
You can see the hole where the doctor pulled the flesh out of my tongue.  The surrounding area is scar tissue, which turned gray in the same day.

And day 2:

Two days after
Morning of the third day the scar tissue just peeled off and I'm left with a lovely little hole in my tongue where I can hide nerds candy or smallish diamonds.

What are the odds that our media will ask her about the anomaly on her tongue and whether or not she has had a biopsy?

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