Chelsea and the sins of parents

I have experienced a lifetime of having my parents’ sins visited upon me. This is why I find the Clintons appalling. Think of Chelsea Clinton before you put her criminal parents back into the White House. She would benefit greatly from not seeing them exalted again. Jail would be a better place for them. At the very least, she would know that crime doesn't pay. The Clintons hurt my generation profoundly by their behavior the first time they were in the White House. Having to listen to the stories of what "Slick Willy" did over and over again brought shame to America. Hillary Clinton has a long list of crimes she has committed and gotten away with. Save Chelsea by keeping the Clintons out of office. Her generation and other generations need to see a moral strength in our leaders if we want things to improve. I know Trump is not ideal. He was not my choice; he was the choice of Americans who don't want the government run by the establishment....(Read Full Post)