Catholic Tim Kaine insane on abortion

Hillary Clinton has picked Virginia senator Tim Kaine as her V.P.  Much is being made of the fact that he speaks Spanish and is Catholic and used his Spanish while a Catholic missionary. Kaine has said he is "personally opposed to abortion" but respects a woman's right to end the pregnancy. Kaine is the latest Catholic politician to follow the tortured logic of Mario Cuomo to justify abortion when you know it is wrong, according both to your faith and to logic. Cuomo's "logic" has been followed by Pelosi, Kennedy, Biden, Ferraro, and others.  The only exception was Governor Bob Casey, of Pennsylvania, who was barred by the Clintons from speaking at the 1992 convention because of his opposition to abortion.  In fact, the current Supreme Court law on abortion is Planned Parenthood v. Casey, where the Court, with Justice O'Connor, upheld  the "right" to abortion. I am Catholic and not picking on Catholics.  I...(Read Full Post)