Can someone tell Mr. Trump that the media is with Mrs. Clinton?

The Cruz-Trump controversy came back on Friday, the day after Mr. Trump's great speech, when a member of the media asked a question about his feud with Senator Cruz.

Mr. Trump went on to explain that he was simply talking about a National Enquirer article.       

Question:   What is a presidential candidate doing talking about a National Enquirer story?  It may be true that The National Enquirer has published some truth in the past.  However, they've also published a lot of rumors!

Solution:  Mr. Trump should learn how to say "no comment, next question."  He gains nothing from letting the media drag him into these controversies.

In other words, Mr. Trump does not have to answer every question, especially from a media that would rather see Hillary Clinton win the election.   

Trust me, the news media is not going to be hitting her with questions about Director Comey's comments about carelessness!

Heck she doesn't do press conferences!

Over the next 90 days, the media will spend much of its time reporting on the GOP's divisions and largely overlook the problems on the other side.  Does Mr. Trump understand that?  

During Thursday's speech, we saw a disciplined candidate outlining his goals and laying out the nation's problems.  It was great because there was substance.

On Friday, we saw a bit of the Trump that scares many of us, or the undisciplined candidate who thinks that he has to answer every question.

The pre-Trump speech polling data shows a dead heat.   Mr. Trump seems to be gaining on Mrs. Clinton.     

Why is he trending up?  The answer is two-fold:

First, Mrs. Clinton is as flawed as flawed can be.  She faces an angry left that will probably stay home rather than vote for her.  Her positions are all over the map, if a candidate can point that out.

Second, Mr. Trump has been talking issues.

2016 is going to be a lot like 2004, i.e. a national security election.  In 2004, voters selected Mr. Bush because they thought that he'd protect the country better than Mr. Kerry.

In 2016, voters will have to make a similar decision. Or which one of these candidates has the toughness to destroy ISIS and go after these terrorist cells?    

My guess is that they will select Trump, unless he keeps talking about The National Enquirer and Ted Cruz's father.

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