Castro's Cuban version of 'perestroika' is not working, either

Down in Cuba, Raúl Castro made two announcements. First, he said "adiós" to the minister of the economy.  For the record, the Cuban minister of the economy is nothing but a figurehead who does whatever the Castro brothers tell him to do. Second, he reminded Cubans that the troubles in Venezuela will bring more hard economic times.    Raúl said this about the hard times ahead: "Rumors and forecasts of an imminent collapse of our economy with a return to the acute phase of the Special Period ... have started to appear," Castro said according to a copy of his speech provided by the country's official news agency Prensa Latina.  Foreign journalists are barred from the assembly. He was referring to the years after Cuba's biggest benefactor, the Soviet Union, collapsed. During that time, in the early 1990s, Cubans had to cope with widespread power outages and food shortages. "We cannot deny...(Read Full Post)