Liberal Logic: Free press applies only to quill pens and hand presses!

Representative Bonnie Watson Coleman, Democrat from New Jersey, claims that the Second Amendment applies only to muskets, and as such, citizens don’t have the right to own various and sundry other weapons.  That delusion is based on her understanding that the Framers were specifically addressing only muskets.

Of course, that would also mean that the First Amendment’s freedom of speech does not apply to radio, television, recordings, electronic media of any type, and anything other than speaking or shouting with or without an eighteenth-century bullhorn.  That the First Amendment’s freedom of the press would not apply to text created using other than a quill pen or a hand-cranked press.  Use of a keyboard nullifies the right!

For well over a half-century, I have been assured again and again that liberals are the smart people, against all evidence to the contrary.