Will Obama pardon Hillary if the FBI refers to Justice?

The FBI is getting closer to finishing its criminal investigation of Hillary’s decision to use a personal email server to send and receive emails that included classified material.  If the FBI decides that Hillary or some of her aides have committed a crime, it will make a referral to the Justice Department under Attorney General Loretta Lynch for prosecution.  During that time period, when Justice is weighing a prosecution, Obama may decide, for purely political reasons, to pre-empt the Justice Department’s prosecutorial discretion and pardon Hillary and perhaps some or all of her aides instead. Since his recent endorsement of Hillary for president, Obama has staked his entire legacy on her candidacy, and it becomes less likely that Joe Biden can be tapped to replace her.  Hillary has the momentum, money, and organization, whereas Biden has none of these.  If Obama’s legacy is going to survive, he needs to keep Hillary’s campaign...(Read Full Post)