The House strikes a blow against political correctness

There is no better example of leftist doublespeak than referring to illegal aliens as "undocumented workers" or, as the Library of Congress was proposing, "noncitizens."

In a rare show of defiance, the House voted to order the Library to continue using the term "illegal alien" just as it appears in the law.

Washington Times:

The library earlier this had proposed changing, saying that despite being used in law, the term had “become pejorative” and needed to be axed. Instead the library said it would use “noncitizen” to refer to illegal immigrants, and “unauthorized immigration” to refer to the broader issue.

Republicans revolted against the change, and demanded in the annual legislative branch funding bill that the library use terms that reflect federal law. The code repeatedly refers to foreigners as aliens, including those here both legally and illegally, so that would force the library to maintain the term “illegal alien.”

Democrats balked and forced a vote, but the GOP prevailed on a 237-170 party-line vote.

“The words ‘illegal alien’ will be retired. This will change, whether it’s now or six months from now or 10 years from now,” said Rep. Joaquin Castro, Texas Democrat. “The question for all of us is whether we today will do the right thing or whether a few years from now will apologize.”

But Republicans said the library shouldn’t be ignoring what federal law says.

“Vote yes to uphold the laws of this land,” said Rep. Tom Graves, Georgia Republican.

The bill still needs approval of the Senate to take effect, but the House vote could force a rethink at the library anyway.

In fact, "illegal alien" is the most accurate characterization of someone who is here who shouldn't be.  Not all illegals are "workers," and "noncitizens" can refer to tourists or legal immigrants. 

As far as the term being "perjorative," I have yet to hear any illegal alien say that he gets hurt feelings when someone refers to him as an illegal alien. 

The left's purpose in trying to change the venacular is clear: leftists need to obscure the fact that illegal aliens are lawbreakers so that we will pity them rather than work to return them to their countries of origin.  The sob stories we hear about parents being deported while their anchor-baby children can stay are sad, but ultimately, who is responsible for this tragedy?  Not the government, which must carry out its constitutional responsibility to enforce the law.  The sole responsibility for these situations lies with the people who crossed the border illegally.  They have themselves to blame, and trying to pass on the responsibility is typical leftist obfuscation. 

But pointing out this ridiculously simple truth is considered "racist."  So we continue embracing the fiction that illegals get hurt feelings when we accurately refer to who they really are and try to obscure the truth about how they arrived here. 

At least in one case, Congress is pushing back.