Roger L. Simon’s new book on moral narcissism

In his forthcoming book I Know Best, How Moral Narcissism is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already (to be published June 14 but available for pre-order from Amazon now), Roger Lichtenberg Simon writes that: “moral narcissism is the enemy of change because it is the enemy of clear thought.” Simon, who among many other accomplishments, is an American novelist and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, co-founder and former CEO of PJ Media, the author of ten novels, including the Moses Wine detective series, and seven screenplays, joins me and my partner Todd Feinburg this week for a wide ranging discussion of his new book on the Harvard Lunch Club Political Podcast. Drawing a contrast with the preening, “I like my pompadour,” Kardashian form of narcissism – the “all too human” narcissism so prevalent in our culture – Simon more broadly captures our current political and philosophical culture as “an epidemic of...(Read Full Post)