NeverTrump Reconsidered: Never say never

All presidential options considered, the term "lesser of two evils" has never been so fitting.  At least with Trump, we know what we are getting, or at least we know that we don't know.

I was a Ted Cruz guy all the way, as I firmly believed he was our best chance at protecting traditional and constitutional values.  When Cruz dropped out, I swore allegiance to the "Never Trump" movement.  Now that some time has elapsed, and with our military men and a few other considerations at stake, I'm ultimately compelled to vote Trump rather than waste a principled vote.

Trump is certainly less objectionable than either of the previous two GOP candidates who ran for high office.  For the most part, Trump is not pretending to be something he is not.  He is who he is, warts and all.  At least he doesn't hate America, which is certainly a step in the right direction.

Trump is like a questionable insurance policy with shaky terms.

I admit that I will be searing my own conscience and casting my vote out of pure desperation.  My spiritual side tells me that God is simply waiting to take down the godless elite, and it's just a matter of His time table coming to fruition.  I will try to do what's best in the meantime.  I'm definitely not looking to hand over the reins to those cut from the same Alinsky cloth as our current commander-in-chief.

Our political system is shot, and there's no fixing it until everybody wakes up.  In a best-case scenario, Trump is the default, de facto smelling salt.  He may very well be the laxative we need to loosen up this P.C. (progressively constipated) society.

Sovereignty and conservatism are long gone.  We are a controlled shell of a good "ideal."  I find Trump morally reprehensible but minimally electable, at least at this stage of the game.  Maybe he can make a mess of the status quo, and let God sort 'em out.