Obamacare and 2016

Let's hope that Mr. Trump is going to hit Mrs. Clinton very hard on Obamacare.  In other words, the next president will have to fix it, or it will collapse on its own.   It's hard to see how it turns out in a different way.   We are down to increasing taxes to pay for Obamacare or scrapping the law and replacing it.   My preference would be to scrap it and let the states deal with it.  Let state legislatures write their own plans and try out different ideas.  I have full confidence that the states will find individual, or even regional, solutions to this complicated mess. In the meantime, this is the latest from the Obamacare experience: The Geisinger Health Plan, run by one of the nation’s top-rated health care organizations, foresees medical costs increasing next year by 7.5 percent for people buying insurance under the Affordable Care Act. So when Geisinger requested a rate increase of 40 percent for 2017,...(Read Full Post)