Paul Ryan reveals who he really is

Extra, extra!  Republican Paul Ryan is an advocate for political correctness!  That’s right.  In commenting about Trump’s remarks concerning Judge Curiel, Ryan told George Stephanopoulos:   

That comment is beyond the pale. That’s not political correctness. Suggesting that a person can’t do their job because of their race or ethnicity … that’s not a politically incorrect thing to do; that’s just a wrong thing to say.

For decades, conservatives and other decent, law-abiding Americans have labored under the yoke of political correctness.  They have been publicly shunned, lost jobs, had careers ruined, and been kicked out of universities.  Why?  Simply for exercising their First Amendment rights: speaking their minds, expressing their thoughts, gathering at events, creating works of art, donating to a political initiative, and adhering to long-held religious beliefs.

The P.C. culture has held this country back, not moved it forward.  It is the driving force behind the DOJ’s inquisition against so-called climate deniers.  It has prevented us from finding solutions to problems plaguing the country.  And it has created several generations who don’t know how to critically think for fear of saying the wrong thing and paying the price for it.

And now Paul Ryan – former V.P. candidate for the GOP, the panacea to our John Boehner ills, Jack Kemp acolyte is an apostle for the very doctrine responsible for suppressing conservatives for decades. 

And, talk about blind to the reality before him!  Trump’s success has been, to a great extent, due to his willingness to stand up to our P.C. overlords.  Criticizing Trump for not being P.C. is, at best, comical.  We finally have a candidate who isn’t afraid to smash the progressive P.C. idols that have dominated our politics and culture, and the speaker of the House decides to join hands with the Democrat-Media Complex to unilaterally determine what we can think, what we can say, and how we must behave.  In Paul Ryan’s America, opposing viewpoints are verboten, conservative or religious debate is stifled, and scientific truths like that there are only two genders are suppressed and forced to give way to fantasies like that gender is fluid. 

Conservatives have been prisoners in this politically correct bizarro-world for decades, and now it appears that Paul Ryan is one of the wardens. 

Time for Paul to go.

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