Does it change anything if Omar Mateen was gay?

The media is abuzz with claims that Mateen was gay or at least closeted.  Reports are circulating that his ex-wife of three months said he might have had gay tendencies, but the New York Daily News reported that when asked if he was homosexual, she hesitated and responded, “I don’t know.”  She also stated that he told her he liked to frequent clubs when he was younger, but she didn’t specify what kind of clubs.  None of this proves he was gay.    Several patrons and employees of Pulse assert he was gay because he patronized the club and tried to pick up men.  One witness said he saw him dancing with a guy.  Again, none of this proves anything. It’s more likely he was scoping out the venue for his future shooting spree, as terrorists tend to do.  It’s generally good planning to know the layout and clientele, confirm that this is indeed the den of iniquity you want to destroy, and assess how security...(Read Full Post)