Answers to some stupid questions from a Connecticut congressman

When Democrats aren't provided with talking points, they are dumbstruck before God.  While conservatives and Democrats disagree on virtually everything, we don't want to see them tormented in a lake of fire for eternity, so here's a little something to help them out.

According to an article posted by the Independent Journal

Connecticut Congressman Jim Himes [D] led a group of politicians Monday in a walkout of a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando shooting on the House floor [snip].

The Congressman addressed the floor, saying: 

    "I will no longer stand here absorbing the faux concern, contrived gravity, and tepid smugness of a House complicit in weekly bloodshed. Sooner or later the country will hold us accountable for our inaction."


On Twitter, Himes elaborated on why he moved to not attend the moment of silence: 

    The Moments of Silence in the House have become an abomination. God will ask you, "How did you keep my children safe"? Silence. 

    — Jim Himes (@jahimes) June 13, 2016 

    God will ask you why you did not defer to the will of the people as children poured out their blood. And we will answer with silence. 

    — Jim Himes (@jahimes) June 13, 2016 

    If whatever God you worship is in fact a God of love and peace you had better use the Moment of Silence to pray for our souls. 

    — Jim Himes (@jahimes) June 13, 2016 

    If God is an angry God, prepare to know a hell well beyond that lived day to day by the families of the butchered. I will not be silent. 

    — Jim Himes (@jahimes) June 13, 2016

Imagine the media reaction if a Republican were to broadcast such sanctimony.

If the nth degree of hypocrisy were measurable, a Democrat (official sponsors of abortion-on-demand since 1973) feigning indignation, invoking the blood of our children, would probably be the accompanying photograph. 

Perhaps the only reason the Honorable Mr. Himes has a premonition of silence is because he is a Democrat.  In answer to the question "How did you keep my children safe?" a Republican would be able to answer:

I tried to keep perverts out of girls' washrooms.  I tried to defund Planned Parenthood.  I tried to secure the borders from barbarian invaders.  But at every turn, the enemy stationed Democrats to deter me.

In answer to, "Why did you not defer to the will of the people as children poured out their blood?," a Republican would be able to answer: 

Thankfully, the Book of Judges tells us over and over again that when the people were left to follow the desires of their heart, they forsook you LORD.  Instead, we endeavored to "defer" to Your will, and do that which is right, and (not coincidently) coherent and sane. 

It's curious that prayer is deemed appropriate, only "if whatever God you worship is in fact a God of love and peace."  Conversely, "if God is an angry God … I will not be silent.  " 

Those are lofty words from a representative of the party that attempted to remove reference to God from their platform in 2012.  Students of Scripture will note that hypocrites appealed to the government under Pilate to have God removed, invoking similar hyper-sanctimony

Since Mr. Himes refuses to shut up, perhaps he should confess his sins and profess faith in God.   Let's follow his admonition to pray.

It's his only hope (and ours).

Mike VanOuse lives in Lafayette, Ind., and knows in Whom he believes.

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