A tale of two valedictorians

In case you missed the news over the weekend, two Texas valedictorians took a courageous stand by announcing their status as undocumented immigrants and decrying American immigration law in conjunction with their respective graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately for the law-abiding public, the actions of Mayte Lara Ibarra and Larissa Martinez do not exemplify moral courage in that they stood for something that was right and just.  While the two are most certainly here thanks to the actions of adults, it is an affront to a nation of laws to openly boast about taking advantage of its porous immigration system and taxpayer-funded institutions in such an arena.  The media claims that to support the enforcement of our immigration laws is to support the tearing apart of families and deny those in pursuit of a “better way of life” such a goal.  If immigration law is not to be enforced, then why should we enforce laws against robbery?  Does someone who robs...(Read Full Post)