Obama blames 'hate’ not Islam or Jihad for Orlando nightclub massacre

At least President Obama did not call it “workplace violence,” and at least he acknowledged that the horrific slaughter was an “act of terror.” That’s the good news about his statement a few minutes ago about the carnage at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. But there is bad news, too.

There was no mention whatsoever of Islam, radical Islam, or jihad. It was purely an “act of hate” of no particular character. His statement on motivations contained lawyerly qualifications enabling him to obscure the fact that the killer shouted “Allahu Akbar     !” (“Allah is supreme!”) as he murdered. Watch at about a minute into his statement as he said,

“We have reached no definitive judgments on the precise motivations of the killer. “

“Definitive” and “precise” are the weasel words he uses to obscure the obvious fact that this was jihad.  And they did not prevent him from imputing “hate” as the cause.

Violent Jihad, it should be noted, while producing hateful acts, is an ideology of world domination, and can be quite cold and calculating in nature. It is not necessarily a matter of passion and hatred. It bears comparison to Nazism and Communism, neither of which were ascribed exclusively to hate, though they used hatred and acted hatefully. Despite the fact that the shooter was a security officer licensed to carry firearms and trained in their use, President Obama blamed the easy availability of guns.

Mike Ford adds:

Mr Obama made further reference to hate crimes, describing the gay bars as not just a night club, but an "area of solidarity and promotion of civil rights."

Tthe President also made his standard pitch regarding the easy availability of 'assault weapons." It's important to note, the shooter, had a firearms license as he worked for a security company...which means he had to undergo an extensive background check.

Donald Trump understands the issue is radical Islam, uncontrolled borders and unregulated immigration. Hillary Clinton believes the problem is common firearms. Mr Trump wishes to strengthen the borders and allow only immigrants who are beneficial to the United States. Secretary Clinton wants to make it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves and their neighbors by restricting access to firearms. Stark choice come November.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer and sometime contributor to American Thinker.

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