Was the ACLU always this crazy?

The Maryland ACLU has released a statement that reads like it came from the extremist National Lawyers Guild.  A fourteen-year-old black child, Dedric Colvin, was shot and wounded by police while carrying a BB pistol.  Police saw the teen carrying a realistic-looking handgun and a basketball; when they asked him to stop, he fled. The ACLU had this to say: Fourteen year old boys play with BB guns all over the country every day without getting shot by police. It dehumanizes Black children when law enforcement and our society so quickly seek to justify a shoot-to-kill response when a Black child in East Baltimore does the same thing. This latest incident, on the anniversary of the Uprising for Freddie Gray, underscores the systemic lack of accountability to boys like Dedric Colvin, who they are sworn to serve. Just when did the ACLU get this crazy? First, BB guns may be fun to shoot, but they are not harmless.  Modern BB guns can launch metal projectiles...(Read Full Post)