Trump goes beyond bizarre with the Cruz-Oswald story

What do you do when you are hours from effectively clinching the GOP nomination?  When all the polls point to a big night for your campaign?

I think most of us would take Monday night off and have dinner with our wives.  Maybe order some pizza and have a fun night with friends.  Or tell your staff to shut off the phones because the candidate wants a little rest and to work on the victory speech.

Instead, Mr. Trump decided to mention one of the most bizarre stories in electoral history, about a young Rafael Cruz standing with Lee Harvey Oswald.

Polifact raised serious questions about the story:

Trump’s charge appears to be based on a National Enquirer report alleging that Rafael Cruz is the man standing next to Oswald in a photo from 1963. But technical experts told PolitiFact that no such firm conclusion is possible given the quality of the photograph, and several historians of the period told us they’ve never seen Cruz’s name come up in connection with Oswald.

The whole story is based on a picture of someone who looks like a young Rafael Cruz, but no one can confirm that it was him.  What kind of journalism is that?  What kind of candidate even mentions such an outrageous story?

For the record, many anti-Castro Cubans were seen with Lee Harvey Oswald when he was marching for Castro in the summer of 1963.

Some even got into verbal matches with Oswald over Cuba.

I've met a couple of Cubans who argued with Oswald about his support of the Castro regime.  You can see bits of these scenes in a Frontline documentary that came out years ago.

So could there be a picture of Cubans around Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans?  The answer is very likely yes.  Does that picture have anything to do with Rafael Cruz supporting Lee Harvey Oswald or the Kennedy assassination?  The answer is no!

Let me repeat my serious concerns about the Trump candidacy.    

What kind of a man repeats a story like that?  The answer is a man who can't control himself or who doesn't know that silence is golden.

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