Taxpayer tab for investigating Hillary: over $20 million

The FBI alone has spent over $20 million investigating Hillary, and this does not include Justice and State Department costs. In early August 2015, inspectors general asked the Justice Department to investigate Hillary's private email server.  Since that time, dozens of FBI agents and untold numbers of Justice and State Departments and other agency employees have spent millions to conduct the investigation.  To get an idea of the magnitude of the cost, we need some data. The FBI budget for FY 2016 is about $8.5 billion, and the number of authorized special agents is 13,074.  The number of agents involved in the investigation is not known, but there is a report that it is dozens but less than 50, so let's assume 40 agents.  From the start of the inquiry around August 1, 2015 until today, there are 290 days.  Dividing the FBI budget by the number of agents gives an annual cost per agent of  $653,400.  Dividing by 366 days (leap year) and...(Read Full Post)