Rep: Classified details of Iran's treatment of captured US sailors will shock the nation

According to Virginia congressman Randy Forbes, a member of the Armed Services Committee, classified details of Iranian treatment of our sailors when they were seized by Iran earlier this year would likely shock the nation and reveal the Obama administration response to the incident as weak.

Forbes was briefed by Pentagon officials about the incident, and he is urging all members to hear the briefing as well.

Washington Free Beacon:

I’ve had a full classified briefing” from military officials, Forbes told the Free Beacon. “It could be as long as a year before we actually get that released.”

Details of the abduction are likely to start an uproar in the nation and call into question the Obama administration’s handling of the incident, which many experts say violated international and maritime law.

“I think that when the details actually come out, most Americans are going to be kind of taken aback by the entire incident, both how Iran handled it and how we handled it,” Forbes disclosed. “I think that’s going to be huge cause for concern for most Americans. That’s why I’ve encouraged members of Congress to get that briefing so they do know exactly what did take place.”

Forbes suggested that Iran’s treatment of the U.S. sailors—which included filming them crying and forcing them to apologize at gunpoint—may have been much worse than what has been publicly reported.

“I think clearly there were violations of international and maritime law that took place here,” Forbes said. “We [the United States] did almost nothing in response, in fact, to have Secretary [of State John] Kerry actually thank them for releasing our sailors after they way they captured them, I think was a slap in the sailors’ face.”

Forbes is pushing a new measure that would increase sanctions on Tehran for its treatment of the U.S. sailors in order to hold Iran accountable for its aggressive behavior.

Forbes’ measure outlines a range of Iranian aggressions against U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf region.

“Iranian military and paramilitary vessels have repeatedly behaved in a dangerous and unprofessional manner in close proximity to naval vessels and commercial shipping operating in internationally recognized maritime traffic lanes,” according to a copy of the measure viewed by theFree Beacon.

There is little doubt that the administration handed the Iranians a propaganda coup with their response to the incident.  Iran is planning on building a monument to commemorate their "victory," and the gloating by their goverment in the aftermath of the sailors' release was appalling.

But this is an administration that doesn't care about American honor and is bending over backwards to appease the Iranians.  It's not surprising they would suppress information about the treatment of American naval personnel, nor is it a shock that they would cover up their own weak response to the incident.

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