Could Trump make the bureaucracy great again?

Getting the bureaucrats to follow his lead would be one of Trump’s biggest challenges if elected. The Transportation Security Administration could be the poster child of a failed bureaucracy, where the security screeners are largely incapable of doing their job at the nation’s airports.  The Veterans Administration is another example where efforts to reform the system have largely failed.  If Donald Trump wants to succeed as president, he has to threaten, cajole, and berate the bureaucracy to get his agenda implemented.  He also has to recruit talented managers. Prior to the passage of the Pendleton Act of 1883, which established the civil service system, presidents appointed the federal bureaucracy according to the spoils system.  A change in administration would often lead to a wholesale change in the bureaucracy.  With the protections of civil service, bureaucrats were supposed to be hired and retained solely on the basis of merit. ...(Read Full Post)