Barbara Boxer charges Nevada Dem convention chaos was ‘planned’

The chaos and violence at the Nevada State Democratic convention last Saturday in Las Vegas continues to make waves, as dark motives and possible conspiracies are now being imputed in a spontaneous burst of outrage.  The Democratic Party is turning on itself, increasingly split between a wealthy establishment accustomed to getting its way while pretending to be champions of the poor and oppressed and true believers in socialism who are capable of ignoring the inevitable poverty and oppression their ideology brings (see: Venezuela) while correctly perceiving the hypocrisy of their erstwhile leadership.

Speaking to Chris Matthews of MSNBC, retiring senator Barbara Boxer, who was roundly booed, now is claiming that the violence was “planned”:

Boxer did not enjoy the experience of being booed.  She attempted to persuade the crowd that they were really booing Bernie Sanders and failed miserably:

Boxer’s single most memorable moment of her entire political career was a ridiculous show of petty temper when, during a hearing, she objected strenuously to being addressed as “Ma’am” by a brigadier general, oblivious to the fact that in the military, it is the equivalent of “Sir” and the correct form of address to a superior.

If you called this a display of acerbic wit, you’d be half-right.

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