3 states down to one Obamacare insurer

The crisis in Obamacare continues to grow as three states report that only one health insurance company will be offering a plan on the Obamacare exchanges. The Alaska, Alabama, and Wyoming state exchanges will offer only one plan to consumers: Blue Cross Blue Shield.  In Arizona, only one company will offer a plan in every county, with seven counties not having any coverage at all. The Wall Street Journal reports that 650 counties across the country – mostly rural – will be offering only one Obamacare insurance plan. So far, more than 650 counties appear on track to have just one insurer on the exchanges in 2017, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, which is tracking withdrawals as they become public. That would be up from 225 in 2016, when the state of Wyoming, among other areas, already had just one ACA marketplace competitor. Of the counties in jeopardy of having only a single exchange insurer next year, 70% have populations that are mostly...(Read Full Post)