Why do liberals want the Bible out of public libraries?

James LaRue, who directs the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (an especially moronic oxymoron if there ever was one), has recently listed The Bible as a “challenged” book – which should cause us to think deeply about why liberal intellectuals want to take the Bible not only out of school, hotel rooms, and courthouses, but also out of public libraries. Yet not the Quran?  The answer turns out to be very simple and, to the liberal mind, completely logical.  The Quran does not represent the civilization they resent.  That is, they want to dump the Bible and keep the Quran for the same reason they want to teach minorities about themselves instead of about Western civilization, which alone among the other cultures of the world offers them safe harbor.  For the same reason they wish to rid themselves of the biographies of the great industrialists of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who raised...(Read Full Post)