Is Ted Cruz too good for some Americans?

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has campaigned boots-on-the-ground for Ted Cruz in ten states thus far.  We attended the taping of the Fox News Ted Cruz/Carly Fiorina town hall in Indianapolis, Indiana, hosted by Sean Hannity.  The crowd was electric, overwhelmingly supportive of Cruz.

Hannity created an extremely relaxed and upbeat mood, telling the crowd that there were no rules; feel free to cheer and whatever.  Enthusiastic Indianans for Cruz appreciated it.

During a break, several people in good spirits yelled to the stage, urging Hannity to push Trump to debate Cruz.  The audience chanted, "Debate!  Debate!  Debate!"  Hannity laughed, saying he was powerless in making it happen.

I was seated in the front row, close to the stage.  During a break, I overheard a private conversation between Hannity and Cruz.  Sean asked Ted how was he able to deal with the pressure and grueling pace of campaigning.  Ted said, look at these people – they energize and inspire me.  It was honest and sincere, folks.  I saw it in his eyes.  Keep in mind that we have been observing Ted, his wife Heidi, and recently Carly up close, off camera, and behind the scenes through several states.

At a rally in South Bend, Indiana the other day, Ted was on stage addressing the enthusiastic crowd.  My wife Mary and I were positioned at the front of the hall holding our "Ted Cruz: Conservative Hero" banner.  From our vantage point, I could see Heidi behind the curtain backstage, a big smile on her face as she directed staffers.  Heidi appeared pleasant, laid back, and easygoing – truly a class act, folks.  Heidi has consistently displayed the same pleasant calm and cool demeanor every time I have seen her.

Watching Ted at several events, I have noticed that he is so secure in who he is that he does not have to dominate the stage.  At the Women for Cruz panel discussion in Wisconsin, Ted seemed very comfortable allowing the women to carry the conversation, only speaking when asked a question or when he had a substantive point to add to the discussion.

During the taping of the Fox News town hall, Cruz allowed Carly to shine on and off camera as she answered questions from the audience even during the breaks.  Ted and Carly make a great team.

The point that I am making is that these are really good, honest, and sincere people (Ted, Heidi and Carly).

As I said, you see many unreported things when you are boots on the ground.  Our CCC team has done countless sign waves for Cruz in ten states, with the number of motorists honking their horns in favor of Cruz far out numbering those against him.  However, the minority against Cruz are over-the-top vitriolic, passionately giving us their middle finger or screaming, "F*** Cruz" from their cars.

Since I know who Ted, Carly, and Heidi are and how wonderful they will be for America, the vitriolic responses seem quite bizarre.  Cruz is the only candidate who is the total package.  Despite the cost, Cruz has a proven record of staying true to promises he made to voters who sent him to Washington – honest, trustworthy, and character-driven.  Those who dislike Cruz don't know Cruz.  Those who think he is too good have serious issues.

I caught a local Indiana "conservative" radio host basically say Cruz is so wholesome that he is creepy.  I thought, dear Lord, have we grown so cynical, callous, and morally bankrupt that some Americans find a good man distasteful?  Lord help us.

I knew women in my youth who only dated jerks who battered them.  They found good guys too boring.

Are some Americans too sick, too tainted for Cruz?

Healthy Americans, please: let's put this brilliant, trustworthy, good man into our Oval Office.

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