The best Trump commercial ever

For any politically informed person paying attention to the organized demonstrations against Donald Trump taking place in California, it is obvious that it is the hand of La Raza and other Mexican nationalist organizations like MEChA in all those sock puppets waving all those Mexican flags.  It is also obvious that all those bulk-purchased banners are full-color commercials for Donald Trump.  While surely unintentional, that is the effect they likely are having on a large segment of America that up until now might have considered Donald's dire warnings about illegal aliens and Mexican government encouragement to be exaggerated or even racist.

But not even Trump has accused the Mexican government of being complicit in and facilitating the southern border invasion as a means of regaining those territories of Northern Mexico lost to the United States in its westward expansion, whether by unjust war or unfair treaty.  Long a goal of various Mexican nationalist organizations in the Southwest, which they call Aztlan, reunification of more welcoming parts of the region now appears to be underway.

I'm all for letting them have California as a test case.  They'll probably be begging to rejoin the Union as soon as the Mexican government cuts off all their welfare, food stamps, and free health care.  Perhaps then they'll recall why they fled Mexico in the first place.  Let 'em back in?

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