Growing up before November

The Republican primaries began as an opportunity to vote for someone.  Now that the choices have gone from a baker’s dozen to two, the last few primaries seem to be about voting against someone.  That’s sad.  Party regulars have a winner in the blocks, and they can’t take yes for an answer.  Likewise, the extreme right is suffering from a terminal case of sour grapes.  Their guy isn’t winning.  So like adolescents who can’t get their way, the righteous right, folks who treat the National Review like a Koran, are willing to sabotage the frontrunner or blow up the big show altogether.  That’s worse than sad.  It’s juvenile. Politics in the end, especially in a social democracy, is always about winning.  Losers do not get to make policy, law, Supreme Court justices, or the future.  Given the human material America has to work with, sometimes we have to swallow hard and press on anyway for the...(Read Full Post)