I'm done with Fox News

When Fox News debuted in 1996, it was a breath of fresh air, seemingly unadulterated by the leftist bias that had long characterized the three mainstream networks and CNN.  But that initial commitment to balance has gone by the wayside, sacrificed on the altar of Donald Trump.

Fox News, as Mark Levin has observed, has become a Trump super-PAC instead of a news organization.  From morning throughout the day and night, it is Trump, Trump, Trump.

Many of us who have depended on Fox for "fair and balanced" news feel betrayed.  While Trump's rants at his rallies are a form of repetitive mass hypnosis of an angry public by a fraudster, Fox has set out to convince its viewers that Trump is a legitimate candidate, not a spoiler for Hillary – that he is a conservative when he is clearly not.  His millions of supporters who have hitched their hopes for a better future, a return to American strength and values, to him will be sorely disappointed.  Trump has no core values beyond his own ego and accumulated wealth.  

Has Fox News changed its nature at the command of Rupert Murdoch or Roger Ailes?  Are large amounts of money involved?  Who knows?

Megyn Kelly sure got in trouble for challenging Trump and had to go grovel before him at Trump Tower.  Now she is about to interview him; it will most likely be a carefully orchestrated love-fest.  She has capitulated.  Greta is clearly his good friend of long standing, so she will not address his candidacy honestly.  Hannity has become, as one cartoonist drew it, Trump's ventriloquist's dummy.  And Giuliani!  What can one say about his support of Trump?

Meanwhile, O'Reilly speaks as though Trump is already the Republican nominee.  Maybe he will be; maybe he will not.  But he is not yet.  These folks are betraying the country for the friendship of a rich celebrity.

So I am finished with Fox News.  The channel has sold out to the lowest common denominator and actively sabotaged the one qualified candidate, the constitutional scholar, the Reaganesque guy.  While I greatly respect Bret Baier, Catherine Herridge, Jennifer Griffin, and a few others, the rest of them can wallow in their Trumpaphilia to their hearts' content.

Sure, I will channel-surf and land upon them now and then, but for now, I will be going elsewhere for news.  Fox will have the other candidates on as guests to make a show of being fair and balanced, but their hearts will not be in it.  They will be followed by a Trump supporter – of that you can be sure.

There are now hundreds of other sources for news.  One can access thousands of newspapers from around the world with the click of a mouse.  I am sick to death of Fox News's non-stop promotion of Trump.  A man who changes his mind on major and minor issues as other people change socks is not qualified to be our president.  A man who spends most of every rally talking about how he is beating his opponents and not about any of the issues the nation faces is not qualified to be our president.  A man who revels in insulting others in the crudest possible ways is not qualified to be our president.  A man who knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy, the military, or how health care can be delivered is not qualified to be our president.

Trump has no core principles beyond his own wealth and promotion.  Fox News has backed the wrong horse.

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